High power amplifier for 1296
1 KW SSPA for 1.8-54 MHz
A 1.5 KW LPF for 160-6m
1.8 to 54 MHz Dual Directional Detector
1.8 to 54 MHz combiner set
Automatic Transverter Interface
1 KW 6 Meter LDMOS Amplifier
2 Meter 80W All Mode Amplifier
1 KW 2M LDMOS Amplifier
1 KW 222 MHz LDMOS Amplifier
500w 70cm Amplifier
1KW 70cm LDMOS Amplifier
A Big Power Supply for SSPAs
Low Pass Filter/Dual Directional Detector
Sampling RF Power
LED Bar Graph Meter
Amplifier Control Board
LNAs (preamps) and MMICs
LNA Sequencing and Protection
Building UHF Antennas
MIcrowave Marker
Crystal Oven Controller
Microwave L.O.
Latching Relay Driver
12 to 28v
Relay Sequencer
High Current DC Switch
L & S Band LNA
Microwave L.O. Filters
PC Board Filters
Using Inexpensive Relays
600w 23cm LDMOS Amplifier
XRF-286 Amplifiers for 23cm
150W 23CM Turn-Key Amplifier
300w 23cm Amplifier
200w 23cm Amplifier
100w 23cm "brick"
100w 23cm Transverter
60w 23 cm Amplifier
23 CM Beacon
23cm Signal Generator
23cm Double Quad
23cm filters
13cm filter
13cm Signal Generator
13cm Transverter
120w 13 cm Amplifier
600w+ 33cm Amplifier
300w 33cm Amplifier
33cm filter
33 cm Crystal Source
33cm Signal Generator
9cm Transverter
Transverter Selector
12 AND 28 volts
Klitzing Amplifiers
IC-910H tweaks
Audio Files
Parts I Can Supply
Current Projects

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 Amateur Radio Station W6PQL


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Newest technical articles:

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[VHF-UHF LNAs (preamps) and MMICs]
[1500w and 1KW SSPAs for 2 meters]
[1500w and 1 KW SSPAs for 1.8-54 MHz]
[A 1.8 to 54 MHz 1.5kw+ combiner set]
[A 1.8 to 54MHz dual directional detector]
[A 1.5 KW LPF for 160-6 Meters]
[500w 70cm Amplifier]
[600w high power SSPA for 1296 MHz]

    N 37.55915, W 121.99260, CM97an  -  former call: WB6MYC

qsl.jpg (49467 bytes)topo1.jpg (149160 bytes)click a picture to enlarge

First licensed in 1964; assigned W6PQL in 2003, which was the call first issued to my late father in 1938.

Hobbies other than amateur radio include wine making, precision shooting, golf and tennis.  The children are all grown up now, on their own, and doing O.K. One daughter is an engineer, the other a CPA. Maybe now I can get my computer fixed and my taxes done...

The antennas are pretty modest, mostly small Yagis at about 33 feet. The antenna mast rotates through a bearing bolted to the apex of the roof (the rotator is located on top of a trellis).

Lately I've been experimenting with WSJT-X and WSJT 10.0 for EME work, and managed to work out some instructions for setting up the radios I use here. These instructions can be found under the "Current Projects" link on the left.

Station capabilities are listed here:

1.8-50 Mhz 144-148 Mhz 222-224 Mhz 420-450 Mhz 902-904 Mhz 1240-1300 Mhz 2304-2308 MHz 3456-3460 MHz
ANAN100D SDR, Palstar tuner, LDMOS amplifier Icom IC9700, LDMOS amplifier ANAN100D SDR, DEMI transverter,LDMOS amplifier Icom IC9700, LDMOS amplifier ANAN100D SDR, DEMI transverter, home-brew 28v amplifier ANAN100D SDR, Hybrid Transverter,600w 50v LDMOS amp Elecraft KX3, hybrid transverter and hybrid amplifier Elecraft KX3 and a hybrid transverter
140 ft horiz. square loop antenna, window line feed, 2dbi; 6m Moxon 7 element Yagi,


10 element Yagi, 14dbi 15 element Yagi, 16 dbi 46 element stacked Yagi array, 21 dbi 124 element stacked Yagi array, 25 dbi 52 element loop Yagi, 21.5 dbi 55 element loop Yagi, 22 dbi


1 kw 1kw 300w 500w 120w 50w

Info on my station in the Azores can be found here: https://www.qrz.com/db/ct8/w6pql

73 - Jim


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