High power amplifier for 1296
1 KW SSPA for 1.8-54 MHz
A 1.5 KW LPF for 160-6m
1.8 to 54 MHz Dual Directional Detector
1.8 to 54 MHz combiner set
Automatic Transverter Interface
1 KW 6 Meter LDMOS Amplifier
2 Meter 80W All Mode Amplifier
1 KW 2M LDMOS Amplifier
1 KW 222 MHz LDMOS Amplifier
500w 70cm Amplifier
1KW 70cm LDMOS Amplifier
A Big Power Supply for SSPAs
Low Pass Filter/Dual Directional Detector
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Amplifier Control Board
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LNA Sequencing and Protection
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MIcrowave Marker
Crystal Oven Controller
Microwave L.O.
Latching Relay Driver
12 to 28v
Relay Sequencer
High Current DC Switch
L & S Band LNA
Microwave L.O. Filters
PC Board Filters
Using Inexpensive Relays
600w 23cm LDMOS Amplifier
XRF-286 Amplifiers for 23cm
150W 23CM Turn-Key Amplifier
300w 23cm Amplifier
200w 23cm Amplifier
100w 23cm "brick"
100w 23cm Transverter
60w 23 cm Amplifier
23 CM Beacon
23cm Signal Generator
23cm Double Quad
23cm filters
13cm filter
13cm Signal Generator
13cm Transverter
120w 13 cm Amplifier
600w+ 33cm Amplifier
300w 33cm Amplifier
33cm filter
33 cm Crystal Source
33cm Signal Generator
9cm Transverter
Transverter Selector
12 AND 28 volts
Klitzing Amplifiers
IC-910H tweaks
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23 CM Beacon

This is a 30-watt "sea level" beacon intended for the coastal path between Northern and Southern California. It is located in CM97am, aimed at 140 true. The tower is a small 48ft job located at a relative's home 2 miles across town from me.

This should cover 125-155 true at the 3db beam width of the array, which consists of four 4-foot Yagis stacked vertically, and horizontally polarized. Total ERP is 3kw. Please forward any signal reports to the email address listed in the navigation bar.

Note: as of August 2010, the beacon has been dismantled for upgrades; restart is planned for mid-2011.

The antenna pattern (measured on an antenna range) and construction details for the electronics follow below.

Frequency 1296.340 MHz

Note: To correct for long-term drift, the last alignment was performed on 1/8/2008, and the frequency set to 1296.340 MHz. Measurement accuracy is +- 100 Hz.

Power Level 30 watts
Antenna gain / Feedline 21.9 dbi fed with 90 feet of Andrew LDF5 (7/8)
Antenna direction 140 true
Current location CM97am
Message content (repeats) a 5 second carrier, then "de W6PQL/b CM97am"

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