This table lists the recommended controller setup for the transverter LO's I've worked on so far. Although I prefer to operate crystal ovens at 50C, most of the units shown needed to be at higher temperatures for good control, most likely because they are using room temperature crystals.

I used a practical test to get to the correct temperature; in this area, weak-signal schedules are usually 15 minutes in length, with one station calling on the first half-minute (every minute), and the other station transmitting during the other half. 30 seconds on cw, 30 seconds off for 15 minutes.

My unmodified 33 and 23cm transverters would drift 300 Hz by the end of this test. After retrofit with the controller at 55C the drift was 210 Hz; at 66C, it was 100 Hz, and at 70C it was cut to less than 30 Hz. This was measured at the operating frequencies (902 and 1296).

You'll have to be the judge, but here are the recommended setups:

Transverter Type Recommended Sensor Temperature R3 R7 R4
DEMI Microwave transverters with MICROLO 66C 5.1K 1K 2.5K
DEMI transverters with a cover over the LO section 70C - see notes 6K 1K 1K
Older DEMI transverters without LO cover 66C 5.1K 1K 2.5K
DEMI VHF transverters 50C 10K 3.3K 2.5K

Here's a separate table for setting up various sensor temperatures:

Sensor temperature R3 R7
50C 10K 3.3K
55C 5.1K 1.5K
60C 3.3K 750 Ohms
66C 5.1K 1K
70C 6K 1K