Setting up the IC-9700 for WSJT-X

note: for WSJT-10.0; after you make the initial MENU SET CONNECTORS adjustments on the 9700 listed just below this sentence, skip to this section

These settings were done using a USB cable connected to my computer. Begin by adjusting the settings in your 9700. Iíll only be listing the changes from the default settings here:


a.    MOD input

                                  i.    USB mod level = 30% (you may need to adjust up or down a bit for proper transmitting power range for your PC and WSJT-X or WSJT-10.0)

                                ii.    DATA mod = USB

b.    CI-V

                                  i.    CI-V Baud Rate = 19200

                                ii.    CI-V address = 94h

                               iii.    CI-V USB Port = Link to (REMOTE)

                               iv.    CI-V DATA Baud Rate = 19200

c.    USB SEND/keying

                                  i.    USB SEND: set this to USB (A) RTS

                                ii.    Inhibit Timer at USB Connection: set this to OFF. This setting solves the 5 second xmit delay problem experienced by many users.


Next, set up WSJT-X by editing the following three tabs. You can get to them from the file Ė settings menu in WSJT-X; donít forget to add your call sign and grid square


The port settings you see here may differ on your may need to experiment to find the correct ones. One way to find them is to look at the com ports available in your computer's device manager before plugging in your USB cable. Then plug it it (with radio on) and see which ones get added to the list. Those will be the ones to choose.


You may also need to add additional 2m, 70cm and 1296 entries into the Frequencies tab for FT8 or other modes to be available from the small drop-down menu at lower left on the WSJT-X main screen.


Setting up for WSJT-10

For this older program, mainly used for EME (because the sensitivity is perceived to be a bit better), I had to take the following steps beyond the normal instructions K1JT provides on the WSJT-10 help screen:

  1. On my computer, my COM port numbers were labeled 262 and 263; WSJT-10 can't handle these larger numbers, so I reassigned these ports to COM 1 and COM 2, which were available unused ports on my PC. I used the device manager to do so, and a reboot was required to make them work.
  2. On WSJT-10, SETUP OPTIONS: set the PTT port to 1; this will map PTT to COM 1 as set in the previous step
  3. on the IC9700, I also made the two following additional changes to settings: