If you are contemplating using a 10w radio to drive an amplifier made with a pair, or even 4 of these modules, you'll need a way to knock the power down to about 150mw per module, or down about -12db for 4 of them.

The least complex way is to use a high power attenuator; but building one is difficult for most of us, as it takes high power microwave resistors of weird values.

The next best thing is a directional coupler with its main line terminated with a stripline load, and its coupled port feeding the amplifier. All you need for this is a strip line load resistor of adequate power rating, a pc board, and a small chip resistor.

The coupler shown on the right has the required specs; an SMA load was temporarily substituted for the strip line load resistor for testing.

Coupling factor = 12.5db

Mainline return loss > 25db

Directivity > 16 db

If you need a bit less power (for driving only 2 modules), a couple of chip resistors can be placed at the coupled port to reduce the output 3db or so.
The artwork I used to make the prototype for this coupler on .062 FR4 is here
(the board outline is 1.625 x .625).