Steve Miller (W6QIW) completed his amplifier (Nov '06). His intended use was to replace his 30w mast-mounted amp/preamp with this unit. He made the following observations during it's construction:
  1. One of the modules required the compensation stub, and one did not. Steve cut the trace on the one that did not to "disable" the stub. Even with this difference in output match, he measured only 3 degrees phase difference between the two amplifier boards.

  2. He improved the thermal bond between the module mounting foot and the heat sink by "putting as many copper filings as I could in epoxy and filling the arch with it. Then I filed flat after cure".

  3. And last, the performance report: "Had a local QSO with Jack on 1296 for about an hour and the PA performed great. Draws 19A at 13.5v for 75 to 80 watts out."